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Our Pregnancy Centers


About Our Pregnancy Center Ministry

Beautiful Feet exists to spread the good news of God’s love by founding, training, and equipping pregnancy ministries worldwide. In 2013, we opened our first pregnancy center in Costa Rica. As of December, 2023, we have established over 100 pregnancy centers in 27 countries throughout the world.  

Beautiful Feet partners with local churches in the establishment of these centers so that they can reach and minister to their communities in a long-term capacity.  These centers also benefit from Beautiful Feet’s unique training and educational materials which equip churches to minister to pregnant women and their families.


Beautiful Feet has established over 100 pregnancy centers in 28 countries throughout the world.


North & South America

North America

  • Mexico (3)

  • Guatemala (1)

  • Costa Rica (12)

  • Honduras (1)

  • Cuba (4)

  • Dominican Republic (1)

  • Haiti (1)

South America

  • Colombia (1)

  • Ecuador (8)

  • Chile (2)

Africa & Asia


  • Liberia (1)

  • Ghana (1)

  • Togo (20)

  • Nigeria (1)

  • Ethiopia (1)

  • Kenya (3)

  • Uganda (15)

  • Tanzania (3)

  • Zambia (1)

  • Malawi (1)

  • Burundi (4)


  • Nepal (1)

  • India (2)

  • Bangladesh (1)

  • Fiji (1)

  • Myanmar (1)

  • Vietnam (1)


The Benefits of Our Pregnancy Centers

  • Specialized Training: Our specialized sanctity of human life training teaches pastors and church leaders God’s perspective on life, emphasizing evangelism and discipleship.  

  • National Church Partnerships: We collaborate with national churches and faith-based agencies to equip nationals for community service through pregnancy services, with a focus on church planting.  

  • Lay-Counseling & Discipleship: Girls, women, and families experience God’s love through our programs, which are designed to lead to discipleship and church involvement.  

  • Health Services: Pre-natal vitamins and ultrasound services are available at many locations.  

  • Ongoing Benefits: Our multi-cultural pregnancy and parenting curriculum teaches self-care and baby care, while also incorporating elements of evangelism and discipleship. 


Support Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet is now a part of the ABWE family of ministries. You can help to spread the good news of God's love by supporting the founding, training, and equipping of pregnancy ministries worldwide with a contribution through ABWE.

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